Men over 60

Men over 60

I have made it a point to talk to a lot of men about being over 60.  Literally, every one of them said the same thing.  When we were young we could not even conceive of what is would be like in the 60’s.  So, we did not think of it.

When we were in our 20’s, 30’s and even the 40’s we saw “old men” and not once did it ever cross our minds that would be us one of these days.  (In the concept of not asking for directions when we are lost) we either thought we would not make it to that point (dying early) or… well… there is no or.

The aches, the pains, the shortening of the gait, the not even remembering the last time we ran, the fight to stand up straight, the napping almost every time we sit down, the “it’ll get finished tomorrow”.

In short, we never conceived of aging.  The body has slowed down.  All of the things that ever happened to you in your life are presenting themselves now for either some sort of payment or recognition.  We may not have a fear of death; but we do have a fear of not being able to “do”.

My only salvation.  My only course of action is:

1.  Keep moving.  2. Exercise.  3. Eat smarter.  4. Keep getting my spine checked

The keep moving part is relatively easy, I am still working and don’t see that changing.

I have never, ever enjoyed exercise.  But I do know that if I don’t bad things in the future will happen.

Eating smarter…less junk, more ‘real’ food (fruits & vegetables).

I do get checked by a chiropractor about every 7-10 days.  That schedule is just for me.  (It’s akin to the ionic detoxification that I do regularly; when I don’t detox weekly, my joints ache.  When I detox once a week, my joints don’t ache.)  Do I think everyone should have his or her spine checked regularly? Absolutely.  Do I think it’s smart to check the dipstick on my car regularly? Yep. Is this a business model proposal? No, go to any Chiropractor you want, if I am not your cup of tea.

I promote chiropractic because the majority of people have never experienced having their spine improved. Furthermore, chiropractic is the ONLY healthcare system that focuses on function and not symptoms.  When one has function they do not have symptoms.  We are so buried in drugs and treatments for the masking of symptoms most people do not know about or consider the alternative…Chiropractic.  Granted Chiropractic is not as easy as popping a pill.  But as is with most things in life one has to expend some sort of effort or pay some sort of dues to improved oneself.

We are here, the 60’s and beyond.  We don’t know how we got here but here we are. And despite our past if we don’t have a plan, a method, a drive and a determination about our physical state and being the upcoming years are not going to be good at all.  I don’t like it, don’t really want to do any of it, but I don’t like the alternative even more!  So I follow the plan, 1. 2. 3. 4.