About Dr. Peeks

Dr. Peeks was born in Peoria, Illinois. He had an uncle, Dr. G.A. Stine, who was a Chiropractor. The ‘unhappy’ people going into his Uncle’s office and the ‘happy’ people coming out fascinated Dr. Peeks, as a child. So instead of wanting to grow up to become a cowboy or fireman, Dr. Peeks, as a small boy, set his eye on becoming a Chiropractor.

After graduating from high school and attending Jr. College Dr. Peeks entered the Army. He served in Vietnam receiving 2 bronze stars and other medals. After service he graduated from Palmer Chiropractic College, Magna Cum Laude, with a 3.72 GPA. While attending Palmer, he was an avid runner and during the last two years of school he worked full time at Roadway Trucking, 6PM till 2 AM five days a week. During the clinical phase of training at Palmer he excelled in the clinical arts to attain intern status. This status allowed him to not have to be monitored by a Doctor while treating his intern patients. It should be noted that the Chiropractic curriculum was and is on par with the M.D. school curriculum. He passed his licensing boards earlier than normal and by graduation in December of 1974 he headed to Tennessee to practice with his Uncle.

Prior to graduation, Dr. Peeks was introduced to Dr. Vernon Pierce of Pittsburgh, PA. Dr. Pierce was a pioneer in advanced Chiropractic analysis and adjusting technique. He invented the Dermathermograph (DTG, ) which Dr. Peeks began using in the Palmer Clinic and still uses in his office today.  Dr. Pierce was Dr. Peeks’ mentor and close personal friend and inspired him to excel in his chiropractic practice and serve patients in Johnson City, TN.

Dr. Peeks started his own practice in Johnson City, TN in 1975.  He was the President of the East Tennessee Chiropractic Association in 2002, 2003, 2005 & 2006.  In 2000, the Tennessee Chiropractic Association named him Chiropractor of the Year for the State of Tennessee. In the business world he was President of the North Johnson City Business Club and the Johnson City Kiwanis Club. While in the Kiwanis Club he was awarded Kiwanian of the Year in 2010.

He married his wife Sherry in 2001 and recently they became ’empty-nesters’! They love cruising, photography and hiking. Sherry does insurance billing and social media for the office.

Forty two years have flown by but Dr. Peeks has no plans to retire; he still loves helping people and the interaction of being involved in and positively affecting all of his patient’s lives. The challenge of analyzing peoples’ health problems is still intriguing but grows easier with the experience that has come along with all of those years.