Case Study on Hand Tremors

Case Study on Hand Tremors

A 68-year-old male, retired from the Navy, presented himself with a tremors hand. He could not hold a cup of coffee steady without support from his left hand. He had been suffering with this affliction for 3 years. Right “shoulder surgery” had been performed 5 years ago.

X-rays were taken of the patient. The static and flexion neck views showed a complete loss of motion (in flexion) through out the neck. In measuring the vertebra it was determined that the 3rd and 6th vertebra were locked and disrupting the normal nerve supply to the shoulder, arm and hand. There were other vertebrae in the upper back spine and pelvis that were misaligned.

Dermathermograph instrumentation revealed a 2-degree stress deviation in lower neck, upper back region. Corrective adjustments were performed on six different office visits (4-6-2017 to 4-20-2016) to the neck, upper back and pelvic joints. Steady progress was noted on each visit. On the fourth visit I advised the patient to start squeezing a rubber ball for rehabilitation of the forearm and hand muscles.

On his most recent visit the patient reported an “80%” reduction in the tremors of his right hand. He was now holding his morning coffee without support and with confidence.

As the patient progresses we will reduce the intensity of the office visit schedule and do a x-ray in the future to compare to the original.