Chiropractic: The Only Proactive Healthcare

Chiropractic: The Only Proactive Healthcare

Chiropractic is the only PROACTIVE health care profession. All others “require” active symptoms!

We actually prefer to see our patients when they are not experiencing active symptoms.  It is only at that time that the body advances to the next health level.  When symptoms are present, the body uses all of its energy and resources to heal and repair.

If you look up the word proactive online, one of the meanings of this word is “control an expected occurrence or situation”. Being a proactive person reflects an attitude that you are going to stay ahead of “expected occurrences”.  In this context, that refers to symptoms.  But if you are not seeing a Chiropractor or not seeing a Chiropractor without symptoms, you are not benefiting from the only profession that intentionally seeks to keep you healthy and fully functional.

Please recognize that I am not anti-medicine.  There are a multitude of life’s emergencies and body situations that a spinal adjustment would be inappropriate.  I am just pro-Chiropractic.

Please read our reviews online at  These are a window into the ‘fleshing’ out of people looking beyond the symptoms that initially brought them to our office.