Dr. Peeks’ Techniques

Chiropractic is an art form, which can be accomplished by using many different techniques.  Just like in all healing arts, there are different ways to accomplish the same objective.

A chiropractor’s technique may be the result of many factors:  where he or she went to school, their physical stature, and the physical limitations of the person being adjusted.  A 3-week old baby is adjusted differently than a 30 year old, and both are adjusted differently than a 90 year old.  There are probably no two chiropractors that adjust exactly alike, but all should be trying to achieve the same final result…the removal of nerve interference.

Chiropractors are trained in a variety of techniques when offering spinal correction. Each technique offers benefits including reduced pain, restoration of normal function, increased spinal mobility and overall improved range of motion.  One technique does not fit all, so Dr. Peeks will use a technique that is best suited for your specific condition to give you the results you desire and more.

Dr. Peeks techniques include:

  • Pierce
  • Thompson
  • Diversified
  • Palmer Package
  • Cox
  • Gonstead