Are You Due For a Course Correction?

Are You Due For a Course Correction?

Most everyone who knows me knows that cruising is my preferred choice of relaxation and vacation. I want to draw a parallel between what goes on with the ship and what goes on at our office.

When the ship leaves port to go to the next destination the navigator plots a course.  This allows the ship to get to the next port efficiently and safely. There are a number of course corrections that the ship takes; it simply doesn’t sail in a straight line.

That is the activity that goes on at our office. By seeing where you have been; knowing where you need to go and being aware of your speed, power and capacity, I plot course corrections, taking in consideration your current visit schedule, spinal stresses, all of life requirements and your body’s limits.

It is within those course corrections that we talk about your present schedule, your body, your past, your goals and how to best attain all of those aspects of life and living.  We unlock any joints that are hindering your brain from getting messages to and from your body.

If you are not coming in the office for symptomatic relief or maintenance, you are missing getting course corrections.

Life is a cruise and we all are on our own individual course.  Chiropractic care allows you to see the best route so you ultimately arrive at your best, doing your best.