Have You Lost It All?

Have You Lost It All?

My Chiropractor has been on an epic RV journey. Traveling from Spartanburg, S.C. to Alaska!  In talking to him (when he has a cell signal) I had asked him about his physical state since he and his wife went to the gym regularly and, of course, got regular chiropractic care.

He lamented about how he had “lost it all (his muscle tone, strength and stamina)” in the last 6 weeks of being n the road.  And he would have to get his son, a Chiropractor, to get his spine back in shape.

His “Lost it all” comment made me think of patients who, because they had great results with their chiropractic care, had their symptoms relieved or eliminated and then, thinking that that is all they needed to accomplish, quit coming to me for any maintenance.

Reality is that you use your body every day.  It is a machine (albeit the world’s finest machine) with moving parts (and some of those parts have a history of substantial injury).

Maintenance care is essential!  And it couldn’t get any more preventative, reliable and easy than to have your spine scanned with our exclusive instrument, the DTG, at precise intervals.

You do not have to wait for symptoms!  Moreover, you don’t have to wait for symptoms to get to a crisis stage.

When the DTG reading reveals you are clear and clean the time to the next scan is extended.  If stresses show on the reading those areas of your spine will get the care they need.

Don’t wait til you have “Lost it all”. Respect your spine, protect your health and engage in your own healthcare.