Since fibromyalgia usually is a systemic pain as opposed to a specific single area of the body, chiropractic is a natural way to tackle this disorder. Chiropractic focuses on the spine. Why? That’s where the central nervous system is!

When one or more vertebra, through trauma, accidents, stress and life stop moving and become locked those vertebra disrupt the normal, essential flow of nervous system transmissions between the brain (it runs the body) and the body (it, with all of its different systems, performs the functions instructed by the brain).

When the body stops receiving instructions from the brain symptoms occur. Actually, it could be said that symptoms are your body’s alarm system. Of course, not all symptoms qualify but in over 42 years of practice I have successfully helped patients with a broad range of symptoms (or alarms); and i do not treat symptoms!

By unlocking misaligned vertebra, re-establishing communication between the brain & body…function returns; the alarms stops sounding, i.e., the symptom miraculously is quenched!

Sound simple? It actually is. Keep the brain and body ‘talking’ and function certainly has a much better chance to continue.

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