Every patient (and rightfully so) is impatient about having his or her symptoms go away quickly. An important aspect is to remember that until FULL function is restored, symptoms persist.

But…back to the ‘waiting game’. There is a very simple reason why it takes the time it does for your body to heal. During the healing process—you are still using your body, every day!

Here is the example that will make you go, “Oh yeah, I get it.” Road repairs. Who is not frustrated with how long it takes for a road project to be completed?

Why does it take so long? Because commuters are still using the road that is being repaired! The workers are dodging traffic. Traffic lanes are changed. The flow if daily traffic is altered. Old asphalt has to be removed before the new can be laid down.

Your body miraculously repairs itself while you are still using your body daily. It recovers, repairs, and creates new tissues while it is called upon to perform your daily chores and responsibilities.

Your body, it heals daily, it restores function, it performs to its highest level. And…it is the only one you will ever have. Protect it, maintain it and, please, be patient with it.