Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain


60% of all people over 60 have rotator cuff tears that exhibit NO symptoms! That is a staggering statistic. Of course, shoulder pain can come at any age.

Shoulder pain can come from two separate problems. One, nerve supply. There are six different levels of nerves coming off the spinal cord to supply the shoulder, arm and hands. In the palms of your hands there are 600 nerve root endings in every square inch! With the intricate moments of the arms and hands, the heavy loads we lift over our heads, and how many people sleep on their sides! No wonder shoulder pain is so prevalent.

So, if you have neck issues, stiffness, tightness, pain, you are probably affecting the nerve supply to your shoulder. Nothing will remedy this problem better than Chiropractic spinal care. This is our ‘wheelhouse’.  No one does this better than us. We find the precise level(s) of nerve interference and re-establish normal form and function.

Secondly, there is direct injury to the shoulder. This will come from falls, over-extension, and repetitive actions. With this type of problem rehabilitation of the shoulder joints may be essential for resolving a shoulder insult.

The vast majority of cases respond to Chiropractic adjustments of the spine. A small percentage have to have stretches and exercises performed.

Both instances will require the re-establishment of proper nerve supply. The direct injury cases will just have to work longer and harder.