How does one put into words the feeling of good health and the gratitude for the one who provides it? Dr. Peeks has been my Chiropractor for years, and he has cured me (and my wife)—without drugs or surgery—of several back/neck/hip ailments, numbness in fingers, etc. through PAINLESS and GENTLE adjustments (that I was afraid of before going…but how wrong I was!). Dr. Peeks, his staff, and his office are all so nice and cheerful, and I ALWAYS FEEL BETTER (that’s happier and healthier) after leaving his office than before I came in. It’s like going to a spa! If you’ve never tried chiropractic (as I hadn’t), please give Peeks Chiropractic a try. There are some things—like good health and well-being—whose value cannot be measured, and Dr. Peeks can and will give you relief from chronic pain and discomfort, without drugs or surgery (I know I said that earlier, but it bears repeating). How many people do you know with chronic back problems that have had one or two or more back surgeries, are prescribed a lifetime of narcotic pain medication, and are in worse agony than before? Chiropractic is a GENTLE means of helping the body that God made to repair and heal itself. But don’t wait until there’s a problem—maintain your good spinal alignment and health with Dr. Peeks and the staff at Peeks Chiropractic. You won’t be sorry you did!

-Lightnin’ Charlie

He (Dr. Peeks) is amazing. I have been coming to him since he was on Browns Mill Rd, and he’s just as enthusiastic as he was then. I love that about him. I remember my first adjustment. I had been off work 12 weeks and was told I would have to have surgery. He adjusted me on the weekend, and I went back to work on Monday. He saved me from having surgery.

-Paul Blevins

For the six years we lived in Little Rock, Ar. I heard over and over again miraculous stories from Ken about the amazing healing touch of Dr. Peeks in the hills of Eastern Tennessee. Based in part on Ken’s great experience, I sought out  a Chiropractor in Little Rock. He was very kind and considerate, but I was not very impressed with the results. Nor was he, I’m certain, when I made the most awful sounds every time he adjusted my neck. While in Little Rock, Ken ruptured a disk, went undiagnosed/treated for six months. He suffered horribly, unable to lay down let alone sleep for more than a couple hours a night. Unable to walk without a cane, unable to lift anything without the possibility that it may send him to his knees. As a fine woodworker employed by a small company his ability to work was dramatically impacted. Finally Ken’s symptoms progressed to loosing feeling in his legs and impaired bodily functions. Instead of giving Ken a pink slip for not being able to perform his duties, they gave him the phone number for a friend of theirs – a neurosurgeon.  Ken saw the surgeon on Friday and was admitted to the hospital on Monday.  Ken was much improved but not cured. If he overdoes it, or sometimes even for no apparent reason – his back “spasms” twisting him into a painful ‘S’ curve for days …even weeks…. No appetite, little sleep, and bitterly renews his relationship with the cane. While living in Arkansas his only recourse was to grudgingly pop the pills, and avoid the whirring blades of his profession until the spasms passed. To make matters worse he was also diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Jumping up in the dead of night to run cold water over his hands because they were “burning”, coming home from work with a knee so swollen it looked more like a cantaloupe than the shapely leg I had seen that morning. Headaches that knot his neck so horribly the muscles “crunch” when I try to massage them out. Poor guy couldn’t catch a break, the arthritis was bad, but it was only his back that would put a look of fear in his eyes.

We moved back to Ken’s home town (and your office) four years ago. The first time I saw Ken ease himself awkwardly out of bed with the now familiar ‘S’ contortion I asked him if the legendary Dr. Peeks I had heard about all those years was still in the area.  Ken was hesitant to look you up again after six years, he doubted that there was much you could do for him after back surgery and rapid onset arthritis. I suspect the normally fearless man was slightly terrified of rupturing another of the “bulging disks” the neurosurgeon had warned him about. The Doctor had pretty much left him with the impression that it was just a matter of time until another disk ruptured, another surgery, & more impairment. After a few days of  incessant nagging pain…o.k. pain and me incessantly nagging…. Ken finally agreed to go see you. Ken left the house nearly doubled over and heavily leaning on his cane. He came home on his own two feet with  a  slightly ‘s’ shaped slouch. Dr. Peeks – YOU healed in a matter HOURS what surgery, medication, and specialists took MONTHS if not YEARS to do. YOU are miraculous.

I came to you after injuring myself and delaying treatment until the symptoms compounded to the point of impairment. I kept thinking it would get better if I just took it easy, but the back pain spread to hip, hip pain traveled to the knee…. finally I limped into your office. I walked out with no knee pain and less of a hitch in my walk, 2nd visit no hip pain, by the 3rd visit my back felt as good as pre-injury. At that time I was 36 years old and never been pregnant, I believe it was less than a year later I was expecting a much longed for baby. Coincidence – could be, but what odds. You kept me mobile and comfortable throughout a pregnancy that I loved and women many…many years younger have envied. No morning sickness, minimal weight gain, extremely active and working even the 2 weeks I was over-due. My only complaint was the late pregnancy hip pain – If not for your office visits, I don’t think I would have been able to sleep at all. Finally, our beautiful baby girl Kai arrived healthy and strong – 2 hours after being born she picked her head up off my shoulder, turned her head and looked me in the eyes!

You have seen Kai since she was 6 weeks old. From the beginning Kai has fought sleep (with a vengeance!) and been slow to digest. For the first year of her life I was amazed by three things during Kai’s visits to your office. One, Kai did not cry during your gentle adjustments – she would just quietly  lay with her head on my shoulder until you were done.  Second, baby girl would be asleep in her car seat before we left Johnson City. Third, she would need a clean diaper when we got home. It may sound silly and trivial – but anyone who has been the new parent of a sleepless, unhappy, hard bellied baby will understand.

Nothing speaks to me more profoundly than seeing the people I love most in this world better for seeing you. YOU are an Angel to us Dr. Peeks, the divine works through you to ease suffering. I am most happy to receive my tune-ups – and I do indeed feel far more able to tackle the challenges waiting for me outside of your office – But I am infinitely more grateful to you for the Healing & Happiness you have given my family. Ken’s six years of miraculous stories do not do you justice. Thank You, Thank You, &  Thank You.

-Kendall Depner

About four years ago the discs in my husband’s back began to bulge. The bulging discs pressed against his sciatic nerve causing pain and tingling to run all the way down both legs. The pain was there everyday and a friend recommended chiropractic care to us. We tried several chiropractors before meeting Dr. Peeks. We knew he was different from the beginning. We could tell he really knew what he was talking about and most importantly that he cared. It wasn’t long after my husband began regular visits that the pain in his lower back, hips, and legs started to subside. A year and a half after his first diagnoses another MRI was done. The discs had returned to their proper size and there was no more bulge 🙂 Thanks to Dr. Peeks and his lovely staff my husband no longer has to live with that dreadful pain. Thanks again and over and over Peeks Chiropractic, we love you all!

-Morgan & Steve Clark

Days after my daughter was born, she started having severe symptoms of acid reflux disease. I went to the doctor at least once a week for six weeks, then to a specialist and then back to the pediatrician. After four months of trying different medications and formulas, my pediatrician referred us to Dr. Peeks.

Frustrated, I decided that my daughter had been through enough and I made an appointment. That was the best decision I could have made for the sake of my daughter’s health. Dr. Peeks and his staff were so informative and comforting throughout the whole process, which made me feel more at ease.

After the adjustment, it only took a few hours until I saw the first signs of improvement in my daughter. She kept improving with every visit. I was amazed at the results. It took a total of six visits and she was cured of the acid reflux. You could see a significant change in her and that put my faith in chiropractic.

I was so impressed with the way Dr. Peeks helped her that I started making appointments for myself. And with the stress of motherhood and daily life affecting my body, I could not afford not to go. He is a wonderful stress reliever. Just remember to keep your appointments. I skipped a few months of adjustments and my body did not let me forget about it.

Chiropractic care is easily overlooked in favor of medical diagnosis or medications, and I can tell you from experience that chiropractic care does not cover up the problem, it solves the problem.

– Jessica Banner

After our son, Ethan, was born with acid reflux, we tried Zantac and had numerous pediatrician visits. Nothing was working, and we heard from a patient of Dr. Peeks that he was helping babies with reflux. We were skeptical, but willing to try anything to help our child.

During our first visit, Dr. Peeks was wonderful with Ethan. Our son had an immediate change in his demeanor after only a couple of minutes. My husband and I were amazed! We returned for a few more visits and Ethan hasn’t had any trouble with acid reflux since.

I tell everyone I know with a baby about Dr. Peeks and his knowledge of helping babies with reflux. We will be forever grateful to him and his staff for being so wonderful during a time of such stress for us as brand new parents.

– Tim and Michelle Sullivan

My newborn son started crying uncontrollably the second night in the hospital. As days went by, he cried worse and worse leading to 10 hours one night. I was very concerned and made several appointments with the pediatrician over the course of three weeks.

We tried formula change, heating pad, sleeping wedge, and everything else we could possibly think of with no results. He was finally diagnosed as having acid reflux and prescibed Zantac. This did not work, so we went back to the pediatrician who then prescribed Prevacid. I still did not see any improvement, and the pediatrician said the next step was to make an appintment with a gastrointestinal pediatrician to run tests. I did not want to put my little guy through the tests if I could avoid it.

I took my three week old son to Dr. Peeks and that same day was the end of sleepless, crying nights! It was as simple as one adjustment, and my sweet baby was finally pain free, not to mention a 1,000 pounds lifted off my shoulders!

– Christy Wilson

Dr. Peeks has been my go to man for 30 years. I do not know how I would look, feel or move at 70 if I had not been able to go to Dr. Peeks.

– Jim Foote

Your care of my physical health has been a highlight for over 30 years. Computers, physical outdoor projects, repetitive motion and daily stress have kept me coming back for regular adjustments.

– Karen Foote

Dr. Peeks has been providing Chiropractic care for me for about 20 years. I believe my regular visits to Dr. Peeks have enabled me to enjoy many of the physical challenges encountered with an active life.

– Tom Stiltner

1979 was my first visit. My health means so much to me.  I can truly say after each adjustment I feel so much better.  I still have my health and feel good most of the time. I can’t thank Dr.  Peeks enough for what he has done for me!

– Maxine Williams

I have learned through the years that I must not wait until I have physical symptoms to seek Chiropractic treatment. Rather, it is essential that I get regular spinal adjustments. Those adjustments are what keep me from getting to the point where I experience pain or limitations to my activities.

– Nadine T.

Since 1995, I have come on a regular basis. The job I do puts a lot of stress on my back. I look at it as a preventative measure; sort of like your car. You take it to get serviced when it is due.

– Dennis Peterson

Dr. Peeks started treating me in 1987. I was past walking. If I hadn’t stayed under Dr. Peeks’ care, my chin would have met my stomach a long time ago! You cannot feel good out of adjustment. Dr. Peeks always gives the best advice.

– Vescan

After her first visit back in over 10 years of not coming, this 91 year old patient said…”I wish I’d never stopped coming.”

– Edith Carder

I walked in limping and walked out normal! Why doesn’t everyone want this?

– Ed Barry

The two years I have been with Dr. Peeks I have been able to carry a pretty normal life. With my weekly appointments, this alone I believe, is what makes it possible.

– Carrie D.

You have made me well, and you are there when we need you.

– Rachel

Thank you SO VERY MUCH!! After years of having pain and taking pain killers, you have helped me quit smoking because I didn’t have to deal with hurting anymore.The relief of the headaches amazed me too! No more Goody’s for me.

– Martha D.

I thought I was down for the count…. Dr. Peeks made me stand straight again. I’m celebrating!!

– Mary

Thank you so much for caring about me. I really appreciate you and your staff.

– Missy Dockery

The BEST chiropractor and staff.  Everyone is always friendly with smiles on their faces.  And the adjustments feel great.  Couldn’t get through life without them.

– Sandy Whitaker